Kindly follow this instructions carefully.

1. Your access code:
In Order to join meeting you have to enter your personal access code we sent through whatsapp/SMS, this code can be found in your E-Ticket (Participant # in red color is your access code). As shown below in example.
2. In case you dont receive audio:
Please refresh the browser.

3. Your camera will be turned:
Your camera will be turned on when you join the meeting in case you would like to switch it off kindly click on camera button to switch off camera (right top as shown in picture below).
4. Turned off your mic:
Kindly switch off your mic in order to avoid any disturbance. In case you have any question you want to speak ask speaker first in chat. Keep post your questions in chat room.

5. We prefer Computer/Laptop:
For better experience kindly avoid to join meeting using mobile phones.