Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Online registration form must be complete prior to payment with current and accurate information.

  2. 2. To get your registration E-Ticket you need to log-in with your password and username in our website and download Ticket https://bdacenter.net/login

  3. 3. On the day of event, please print your E-Ticket to register and Scan your Attendance

  4. 4. NO refunds can be given. EVENT fees once processed cannot be cancelled/transferred TO another person OR refunded.

  5. 5. Registration in the Event will NOT be enough TO receive the CPD/CME Certificate . Attendance of training sessions with Attendance Scanning and sign-in/Sign-out Signature is Required.

  6. 6. Attendance Certificate will be OUT on the System 48 Hours After the event and can be downloaded from members own PROFILE by log-in again to download your Certificate.

  7. 7. Participants NAME AND contact information may be used BY other approved stakeholders such AS the HOST body, EVENT manager, sponsors, speakers AND exhibitors IN CONNECTION WITH promotion, networking, revenue raising AND administration of this Event.

  8. 8. International Participants need TO obtain adequate cover FOR travel, health AND accident insurance BEFORE they depart FOR the event. EVENT Organizer cannot accept responsibility FOR personal injuries, OR loss of, OR damage TO, private property belonging TO the EVENT participants AND accompanying persons.

  9. 9. Organizer can make changes TO the Event SCHEDULE provided this does NOT significantly CHANGE OR impair the nature AND quality of the Event.

  10. 10. Early Registration IS coincide WITH limited Seats, and could be closed BEFORE the determined date.

  11. 11. Organizer Are free TO publish the videos and pictures recorded during the EVENT and TO USE them FOR advertisements purpose.

  12. 12. EVENT Committee IS NOT responsible FOR either the PARTIAL OR total nonexecution of the EVENT IN the EVENT of accident, an act caused BY a third party, such AS Acts of God including, without limitation, credible threats of NATURAL disaster IN the geographic vicinity of the Venue, war, threats OR acts of terrorism OR similar acts OR ANY other cause comparable EVENTS OR disaster beyond the parties control which prevents the Organizer FROM hosting the event.

  13. 13. Views expressed BY the speakers/Trainers are their own. EVENT Organizers cannot accept liability FOR advice given, OR views expressed, BY ANY speaker AT the EVENT OR ANY material provided TO delegates.

  14. 14. Students / Interns /Assistant/ Nurse/Technician need TO prove a copy of ID profession/College card TO be able TO proceed WITH registration. Failure TO provide this document will be charged for the original fees of the registration . / Please note that ALL postgraduate students are categorized AS Doctor fee.