• Date: 09-10 December 2019 04:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Location: Bahrain Conference center-Crown Plaza Bahrain
  • Points: 05 CME From NHRA
  • Registration Fees: includes Coffee Breaks and Lunch

    • Study Smart not Hard (Only Seminar)


    • Seminar with BDLA Conference Entrance


Clinical exposure in the field of dermatology is usually limited to about one to two months during undergraduate training and another month during the training to be a general physician. With this limited experience it may be difficult for a general physician to diagnose and treat skin conditions confidently. Hence there is a need for structured training programs in dermatology. Learning dermatology is essentially based on clinical and practical experience of looking at a variety of skin conditions and their presentations in addition to the theoretical knowledge.

Attending this workshop is essential for medical students, interns, general practitioner and family physician as it will cover more than 90% of common dermatological conditions. Tips and tricks will be explained of how to approach a patient with skin rash, reach a diagnosis and give the best options of treatment in the primary care. Moreover, this workshop will give you a guide of how to answer dermatology questions in the exams and achieve success. During this time, you will learn how to improve your way of understanding and solving the dermatological cases besides the way of comprehensive thinking to get the right diagnosis and give the best treatment.

  • Medical students
  • Interns preparing for licensure and entrance exam
  • General practitioner
  • Family physician
  • Accident and emergency doctors
  • Junior dermatology residents recently joined dermatology specialty

Dermatology tips in diagnosis and management of skin lesions

  1. Explanation of the common dermatological conditions i.e. skin infections, benign and malignant neoplasms, general dermatology, skin manifestation of systemic disease and dermatological emergencies
  2. Competition and awards for the winner with highest mark.

Dr Fatema khamdan - Bahrain

  • Chief dermatology resident at SMC, training coordinator for STRP and FPRP
  • 09 December 2019

  • 10 December 2019

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