• Date: 22-23 December 2019
  • Location: Downtown Rotana Hotel, Manama-Bahrain
  • Points: 10 CME From NHRA
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    • NHRA Accreditation Workshop

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Accreditation Orientation Sessions for Private Dental Centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain in Preparation for the Implementation of the National Accreditation for Medical Centers. Article 19 of law 21 for 2015 regarding private facilities mandates that the national health regulatory authority (NHRA) shall undertake auditing and evaluation of private health facilities to ensure the quality of the health services provided by them and the achievement of the highest levels of performance.

Additionally, Article 19 of law 21 for 2015 aims to ensure the facility’s commitment to the conditions and terms of their license, verifying the continuous availability of the health requirements, standards and arrangements, technical preparations and safety requirements, as well as ensuring that the medical equipment and devices used in these facilities fulfil international standards and specifications, as applicable.

To fulfil the terms of this law, NHRA is responsible for implementing the national accreditation program to award private medical centers with a national accreditation certificate.

All private medical centers in the Kingdom of Bahrain are subject to this law and will be required to undergo the accreditation process in order to renew their facility license.


To ensure that all the private medical centers are well prepared for the upcoming accreditation process.
This training will define the NHRA accreditation process and identify essential components to implementing accreditation at private medical centers. Essential baseline knowledge is vital for setting the foundation processes in accreditation.

Participants will gain skills, strategies, and techniques to implementing appropriate practices, processes, guidelines etc. to fulfil the accreditation requirements.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Define appropriate accreditation practices.
  2. Identify essential components or principles of appropriate accreditation practices in healthcare institutions.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of key aspects of accreditation in the core elements.
  4. Illustrate ways to apply the essentials of accreditation practices to their own practices in the health facilities.

To assure the quality of health facilities and to assist in the improvement of the services they provide.

Dr Mariam Athbi Al-Jalahma

  • Chief Executive Officer-National Health Regulatory Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

Dr. Azhar Naseeb

  • Sr. Dental Consultant
  • Chief, Clinical Trials & Continuing Professional Development Regulations Departments, Health Facility Surveyor-National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr Amena Malik

  • MD, MPH, FISQua
  • Consultant /Advisor -Medical Regulation-National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Day 1: 29 December 2019

  • Day 2: 30 December 2019

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