• NHRA Regulatory Workshop for Medical Center

    • 13-14 June 2021
    • 10:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Live Streaming on https://bdacenter.net/webinar

Single Registration ➡️ for One Workshop:

  1. Doctor/Dentist/Pharmacist - 60 BD ++ VAT

  2. Nurse/Healthcare Admin/Technician/Student - 40 BD ++ VAT

  1. Accreditation 10 CME from NHRA

Package Registration ➡️ for Two Workshop:

  1. Doctor/Dentist/Pharmacist - 105 BD ++ VAT

  2. Nurse/Healthcare Admin/Technician/Student - 70 BD ++ VAT

  1. Accreditation 20 CME from NHRA

* registration fees is Subjected to VAT


1. HE Dr Mariam AL Jalahma
2. Dr Azhar Naseeb
3. Dr. Zubaida AlShaikh
4. Mrs. Namat Al Subaie
5. Dr. Ghada Al-Doy
6. Mrs. Rehab Al Rafaee
7. Mrs. Asma Al-Qallaf
8. Eng. Nada Al Sayegh


Dr Azhar Naseeb

Chief, Clinical Trial & Continuing Professional Development Regulations Department at NHRA.

Awarded Golden Medal for Competency by His Majesty The King Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa on 17th December 2017.

Awarded Golden Medal for Scientific Achievement on Scientific Day by His Majesty the King Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa on 16th December 1995.

Master’s in Dental Public Health (MDPH) from University College London (UCL)

Master’s in Healthcare Management from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSIr).

Diploma in Healthcare Management from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSIr).

Certified in Advanced Comprehensive Implant Dentistry, Berne University -Switzerland

Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University.

NHRA Certified Surveyor.

Dr. Naseeb is a Sr. Dental Consultant professional with clinical, supervisory and management experience.

Dr Zubaida Alshaikh

Medical consultant/ chief of health professional department

Arab Board family physician 2012



Dr Ghada Aldoy

Chief Medical Complaints & Investigations Section, National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.

Dr Ghada Aldoy is a Medical Physician with a bachelor's degree in Medicine and Medical Sciences from Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain, she completed her Family Practicing Residency Program with Irish Board Certification in Family and Community Medicine. Prior to join NHRA in 2016 she worked as a Family Practitioner in Primary Care in Ministry of Health. Dr. Ghada has a good experience and knowledge in best practices in evidence-based medicine and health care improvement in Patient Safety as she was a coordinator in Non-Communicable diseases Committee in her previous Health Centre. Currently she serves as Chief Medical Complaints and Investigations Department in NHRA, doing her master’s studying in quality and Safety in Healthcare Management, a Certified NHRA Surveyor, a member in some regulatory committees in NHRA, a trained Coach certified from BIPA.

Mrs. Namat Al Subaie

Consultant / Advisor Allied Medical Profession, National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.

Consultant Namat Alsubaie has completed MSc Quality Health Care Management, Royal collage surgeon, Ireland (RCSI), and get certificate for cupping therapy from Sharjah International Holistic Health Center, also she is certified Auditor and Jurisdiction Officer at NHRA. - Fortunately, she is the first Bahraini lady in kingdom of Bahrain as Manager of Quarantine during the epidemic of corona virus covid-19. 2020. -She gained a comprehensive experience in alternative medicine through searching regulating alternative medicine different professions. Currently she is chairperson for the Advisory Committee on Licensing of Alternative Medicine and Complementary Medicine Committee and Equal Opportunity Committee (Supreme Council of Women (SCW) Bahrain and GCC Alternative and Complementary Medicine Committee, as well as discipline committee for Nurses and Midwifes, since 2015 till now. -The biggest achievement when She took over since Nov 2015 to regulate the alternative medicine in the kingdom of Bahrain by issuing Resolution no (33) of 2016. -The owner of the idea of issuing a permit license for the Bahraini traditional cupping since October 2017.

Mrs. Rehab Alrefaey

Legal Consultant /Advisor -National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.

Mrs. Rehab Alrefaey is a Legal Consultant /Advisor “Legal Affairs “at The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA).
She is holding MSc in Public Law and Administrative Sciences/ Cairo.
Former Legal Consultant /Advisor in Ministry of Health Bahrain in the following post:
  - to her Excellency the Minister of Health.
  - to Under Secretary of Health of MoH.
  - to Assistant Under Secretary of Primary Health Care and Public Health.

Mrs Asma Al Qallaf

Health licensure specialist- National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.

Asma Alqallaf is a health licensure specialist, working in the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) since 2017. Asma views her mission as helping health care facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain to meet the required standards for licensing. She has a Master's Degree in Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (2018) and a Bachelor's Degree in Public Health-Education from Qatar University (2016). She does inspection on health premises as part of her job and she involves in developing regulations for licensing of health care facilities. Asma believes in NHRA’ vision is to have a safe and high quality in the delivery of health care in the Kingdom.

Eng. Nada Al Sayegh

Consultant and Advisor Engineering Safety- National Health Regulatory Authority, kingdom of Bahrain.Authority

Have a Master degree in healthcare Quality and Safety Management at RCSI, a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Ajman University of Science and Technology with a 11 years’ experience in medical devices field starting from servicing moving towards hospital management and joined NHRA in 2015 as a consultant/advisor of engineering safety handling medical device regulation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, qualified as an ISO 13485 auditor and a Member in GSO/TC11 committee, AHWP , GCC central registration committee , GCC central classification committee a voting member in ISO/TC 121 ,210, 106, 150 ,170, 194,198, and the head of national medical device standards committee.

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