Accredation: 05 CME From NHRA - Bahrain

Date: 08 November 2021


This webinar will discuss the modern way of understanding and managing periodontal disease in general dental practice following non-surgical treatment approaches. The day will compromise a brief discussion on various treatment approaches we used to use, their evidence base and how this has changed over the time to the current understanding of periodontal disease, treatment approaches we choose and its evidence base. We aim to look at self-performed biofilm management and common oral hygiene tools patient can use at home. Finally, the workshop will discuss how to classify and diagnose periodontal disease swiftly (2017 Classification) and how to treat periodontal disease following new S3 Treatment Protocol (2020).


To be able diagnose, treatment plan and execute NSPT to achieve good results in general dental practice.


• Outline current understanding of the aetiology, progression and treatment of periodontal disease
• Discuss the evidence behind the use of various oral hygiene products and its effectiveness in non-surgical periodontal therapy hygiene phase, where available
• Discuss you how to comprehensively evaluate patients through simplified and systematic way and how to incorporate that into your patient care
• Explain Periodontal Disease Classification 2017 & its implementation in practice
• Discuss how to implement New S3 Treatment Protocol Lead Treatment Planning


Following the session, the delegates will be able to:

• Appreciate the basic science and evidence that has evolved over last 50 years to choose right treatment pathway.
• Assess the patients in detail, perform necessary examinations and be able to make right classification & diagnosis following new Classification 2017.
• Treatment plan following the New S3 Treatment Protocol 2021
• Recognize the need for specialist referrals in complex cases.


• Dental Assistant / Dental Nurse
• Dental Hygienist
• DH / DA student


Mr Deepak Simkhada

Dental Hygienist and Therapist
BSc Oral Health, University of Dundee (UK)
MSc Advanced Periodontal Practice, University of Essex (UK)
PGCE, University of Greenwich (UK)


Live Streaming on Registration fees:

Registration Fees EARLY until 5-Nov LATE after 5-Nov
Dental Assistant / Dental Nurse / Dental Hygienist / DH & DA student 20 BD / 200 SR / 53 USD 30 BD / 300 SR / 80 USD

* Registration fee is Subjected to 5% VAT