• NHRA Online Accreditation Workshop for Medical Centers

    • 27-29 July 2020
    • 10:30 AM – 02:30 PM

Live Streaming on https://bdacenter.net/webinar

  1. Doctor/Pharmacist - 70 BD ++ VAT

  2. Nurse/Healthcare Admin/Technician/Student - 40 BD ++ VAT

  3. * registration fees is Subjected to VAT


Implementing the accreditation framework, reinforces the commitment of NHRA to ensure the high quality of health services provided, and that these services are rigorously evaluated and continuously monitored to establish and maintain public confidence in Bahrain. Upon accreditation, the healthcare facility will be able to demonstrate that, it has undergone a rigorous process underpinned by internationally recognized standards and its commitment to improving healthcare across the care continuum and prioritizing delivery of safe care to the people of Bahrain.


The completion of this course the learner will be able to:

1. Assist medical centers with detail explanation of accreditation standard.
2. Introducing accreditation objectives and standards to the participants.
3. Practical application of the standards into the healthcare facility plan and goals.

Accreditation will provide

An on-going monitoring and evaluation system, which complements the licensing process, as accreditation will be mandatory for a license to remain in operation. Assurance of good standing of a facility to all stakeholders, especially patients, families and employees, as the facilities will be assessed against established international standards and in case there is a cause for complaint, a rigorous and comprehensive policy and process is in place to effectively deal with it.

Time Table


Dr Amena Malik

Consultant Advisor Medical Regulation

National Health Regulatory Authority

Dr Amena Malik is the Consultant Advisor in Medical Regulation at NHRA. She has a BSc. in Pharmacology, a Medical Degree and a Master’s in Public Health. She is also a Fellow of the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua).
She is a solutions-driven physician with career interest in healthcare quality and performance improvingement on a national scale. She has a broad background in public health complemented by extensive international work experience, cultural awareness, language immersion, and global health initiatives. She has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the national accreditation program in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has played a key role in the strategic planning, program development and evaluation, project oversight, and performance improvement of the authority as a whole. Dr Malik is the head of the Quality Committee at NHRA, she is an active member of the Continuous Medical Education Committee and she is a member of the National Quality Committee at the Supreme Council of Health. For the past three years she has been responsible in creating and publishing the NHRA Annual Report and various other publications of NHRA.

Dr. Maysoon AL-Thawadi

MBBS, MRCGP [Int], MSc.Health Promotion & Public Health (UK), MSc.Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management (RCSI-MUB)

NHRA Certified Surveyor

ACHS Surveyor

Dr. Maysoon is a General Practitioner and a Clinical Quality Improvement specialist in BDF hospital. She leads the Mortality & Morbidity Committee, Documentation Review committee and the Trauma Registry Team in BDF hospital. Dr.Maysoon is also a certified ICD-10 coder. Her current quality improvement project at BDF is the “implementation of Early Warning Score” system. She is also involved in quality enhancement activities related to the Supreme Council of Health and the RCSI-MUB.

Mrs. Ameena Saad Abdulla

Expert Senior Infection Control Practitioner

Mrs. Ameena has had an infection control background spanning over twenty-five years. She has a Master of Science in Control of Infectious Diseases from the University of London and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Kingdom of Bahrain. She is also ISO 9000:2000 Series Auditor / Lead Auditor trained.

Mrs. Ameena has in depth knowledge of international accreditation such as the Australian Accreditation, Joint commission International and NHRA accreditation standards. She is experienced in the formulation of management of infection control programs, policy formulation and risk management. Ameena has also overseen the CSSD workflow processes and the development and implementation of training courses, programs, workshops & symposiums related to Infection Control, public health, prevention and control of communicable diseases, sterilization process and Quality Management.

Dr. Azhar Naseeb

Head, Clinical Trial UNIT (NHRA)

Head, Continuing Professional development Committee

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

NHRA Certified Surveyor

Dr Azhar Naseeb is Healthcare professional with 27 years of clinical, supervisory & management experience, she is a Sr. Dental Consultant with a Masters in Dental Public Health (MDPH) from University College London, School of Dental Public Health, and Master & Diploma in Health Care Management from Royal College Surgeon Ireland (RCSI), Certified in Advanced Comprehensive Implant Dentistry, Berne University-Switzerland, she hold a Bachelor Degree in Dental & Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University.

Eng. Reem Ahmed Akbari

Civil Engineer

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

NHRA Certified Surveyor

Eng. Reem Akbari attained her B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (1982) from Cairo University and went on to get her M.Sc. in Transport Planning & Road design (1991) from Sanford University _UK. She also has a High diploma in Airport Design and Traffic Safety. Her work experience includes 5 years in the Ministry of Housing then 9 years in Civil Aviation and 15 years as lecturer in the University of Bahrain. She is now a private freelance Civil Engineer.

Mr. Marwan Kamal Altheeb

Hospital Accreditation Surveyor

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

NHRA Certified Surveyor

Mr. Marwan Altheeb is a licensed general nurse graduated from college of health sciences in Bahrain. Holds MBA in strategic human resources obtained from open Malaysian university. Prior to joining Hospital Accreditation, Mr. Marwan had good experience of infection control and was involved in infection control surveillance and auditing for past years as well as a good experience in hemodialysis within ministry of health. Recently He works as an academic nurse educator helping in developing Bahraini future nurses.

Ph. Nawal Shaboon

Senior Pharmacist

National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA)

NHRA Certified Surveyor

Nawal Shaboon is a senior pharmacist in NHRA /Pharmaceutical products regulatory section with a master’s degree in pharmaceutical analysis and quality control form King’s college London, I have joint NHRA in May 2013 with experience in drug quality control and regulatory affairs for 24 years, prior to Joint to NHRA she has worked in pharmacy and drug control and drug quality assurance laboratory in ministry of health her main job was assuring the pharmaceutical products quality. Nawal has also be trained as servitor by SEBAHI through NHRA.